Before we move to Hanoi in September, we want to be prepared to land well…



Learn Vietnamese with Duolingo - Language learning is hard work, so to get a headstart, we’re both doing 30 minutes of Duolingo a day. Duolingo is an app that makes a game out of language learning. As of January 2019 the language-learning website and app offer 85 different language courses in 24 languages. The app has about 300 million registered users across the world. (wikipedia)

Learn to drive a motoscooter. Take a look a the banner above. I took in outside the HIF office as we were waiting for a rideshare to show up. It feels like motoscooters obey more the laws of fluid fluid dynamics than of traffic. So we’re learning in Georgetown, Texas traffic, which we know is baby steps.

Speaking at churches

Speaking at Rockbridge Church [ view presentation ]

Speaking at Rockbridge Church [view presentation]

Currently we have nine partner/supporting churches but are also seeking more. A church partnership means they join our ministry financially. Often we meet with the Missions committee of a church or give a Minute for Mission during worship. Churches provide monthly or annual support to TMS-Global, our sending agency.

Meeting with People

We love meeting with people and sharing the journey and vision we have for ministry in Vietnam. Each time we meet with people and tell the story, we better understand the calling we feel to serve the international community in Vietnam at Hanoi International Fellowship.

Watching “The vietnam war” on netflix


We were out of the country when this documentary first aired, and not surprisingly, it didn’t show in Ghana (where we were serving at the time). Steve grew up thinking he would be drafted to serve in that war, but three years before that would have been an issue, the war ended. If we are going to serve there, we feel like we should better understand the conflict the Vietnamese call “The American War”.